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Gallery + Flavors

Some of my past work that I am most proud of. A collection of creator favorites.

Use the sliders to scroll through galleries. Below are my flavor offerings.

FLAVOR OPTIONS, please read carefully below.

These are the ONLY flavors that are available. As a professional baker, I have curated these flavors and cultivated recipes that my clients love and that go well together. These are the most popular recipes my clients have come to love and enjoy and I take great pride in being able to share them with the world. ALL CAKES are made from scratch NO mixes and TRUE buttercream. NO SHORTENING!


  • GARDEN DISTRICT POISE: A sweet take on an original favorite. This flavor boasts vanilla cakes that crumble in your mouth and are not overly sweet. Layered with the perfect balance of brown butter buttercream and house made edible cookie dough chunks, you won't want a boring vanilla after this one!

  •  LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL: [Baker's Choice] One of two favorites in my recipe repertoire, this flavor packs a soft and delectable punch. Layers of soft cinnamon brown sugar cakes are brushed with bourbon. Coated and wrapped in brown butter buttercream and house made streusel. *PREMIUM*

  • BOURBON STREET BLISS: [Baker's Choice] The other half of my dynamic favorites duo, this flavor is made using a local ingredient favorite of mine: Freedom Torch Stout from American Icon Brewery. Blackout dark chocolate cakes are baked using the stout, and layered with dreamy layers of chocolate bourbon buttercream and Ghiradelli chocolate ganache. This flavor literally MELTS in your mouth. *PREMIUM*

  • CRESCENT CITY CRUMBLE: Another twist on a favorite cake, this option features marbles cakes. Perfect for the indecisive flavor clients! The cakes are coated in cookies and cream white chocolate buttercream and finished with a generous helping of oreo butter filling.

  • SPOTTED CAT CRUNCH: Cherry chip lovers! This is for YOU. Layers of cherry cakes spotted with mini chips are adorned with crunchy layers of oreo crust and almond vanilla buttercream.

  • ALL JAZZED UP: A client spotlight favorite, these brown sugar, dulce de leche cakes are covered with dulce de leche buttecream and stuffed with gooey dulce de leche and fluffly strawberry buttercream layers. *PREMIUM*

  • BAYOU BASH: Nothing like sitting on the bayou with a cup of coffee and a sweet treat! Layers of espresso cake are coated and layered with white chocolate buttercream and cookie butter cream.

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