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Who is Cake & Crescent?

Who is Brittany O'Leary?

For starters, I am a firm believer that if you can market yourself, you can market anything you're trying to do. I think the majority of people trying to start their businesses try to perfect their product, their scheme or their vision. No one realizes that being uniquely YOU is the first thing people will notice.

I guess that leads me to ME. I am, first and foremost, always ME. Whatever endeavor I have sought out to take on, I infuse the qualities of myself in to everything. I am authentic, say what I want and am not concerned about trends or keeping on brand for mass consumption.

I am always striving to create. Through years of working in various fields that require attention to detail, I have been able to hone in the page I have worked towards as Cake & Crescent. I draw inspiration from every day interactions, art, life and death and New Orleans. While this particular page and business is geared toward buttercream and sugar, I also take pride and care in my small world of photography and create images of my work that I can feel good about posting.

Through years of research, trial and error, failing and winning, I have developed and perfected a lot of my own recipes and have taught classes to others investing in progress on their journey. I have been self taught for the large majority of my baking career and I will do something wrong over a thousands times before I ask for help! (If you remember the great macaron debacle week, you KNOW!).

With all that said, I want what I create next to be MORE. I want it to involve conversation, vulnerability and a community centered around helping each other out in this business and creative outlet. I have found that the great contrasts of my life (baking and death) are unique to me and my passions. I have this passion for creating pretty things all the time, I love a final product. And I also have a passion for death and the morbid mortal existence that we all share. I think these two things juxtapose beautifully and open up a wide range of creative outlet and conversation surrounding the meaning of being human, creating and exploring things that bring happiness to this online space. It sends a message and teaches a lesson that we are all just here, doing what we can, creating things to leave an impression and further out own unique skillset and collective love of creativity. I want to help people figure things out, even in the smallest ways, and be better for it.

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